Thursday, 4 November 2010

you will NEVER FORGET this cool prayer )

Dear Lord,

I promise you that next weekend I'll go to a pub, bar or a club. I'll swizzle so heavily that a toilet will be constantly flushed by drinking water, all evening. I will be frustrated and damned next day, you know Dear Lord, bloody hangover! Never mind, I am sure that a walk will definitely help me. I think about the largest shopping centre in our town, where my family will be pleased to spend all day and all my money, but before that, I will take at least one pint to feel "on board" again, heh. We'll buy a lots of shit that we won't really need, but it makes (I) FEEL GOOD, tadah tada tada, dah.. because advertising agencies do their job very well! I am definitely sure, that I will not give a dollar, pound or euro to the fucking losers from developing countries, who desperately need support, because everyone creates their own happiness and I don't give hand outs.

Your humble servant, Racist and Ignorant, Me.